At its core consisting of Roger Zimmermann with over 16 years years of experience in software development of consumer and enterprise software with a focus on web and mobile applications. Passionate in creating leading edge technology that delivers simplicity, style and flexibility for a global audience with differing needs.

Qualifications include Master of Science from ETH Zurich, Scrum Product Owner certification, several years at IBM Research, security module contributions embedded in over 500 million computers, consumer software with over 150'000 daily users and public speaking on live TV.

What we do

We provide app development, web development, agile project managment and product managment services.

App Development

Cross platform native mobile apps or customized off the shelf publishing and event apps.

Agile Project Managment

Satisfing the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

Product Managment

Scrum Product Owner Certified

Web Development

e-commerce, e-learning, security, ...

Our Work

Some of our current and past clients. Portfolio avialble on request.

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